Our services

Our all-encompassing services, spanning electrical, mechanical, cooling, and transformer solutions will support your business thrive.

Electrical Services

Our electrical construction services encompass the installation and upkeep of machinery and equipment powered by electrical energy. This involves tasks such as panel installation, transformer setup, feeder cable installation, lighting, and more.

Mechanical Services

Our mechanical construction services cover a broad range of offerings that extend beyond mere installation of diverse machine components and the integration of various auxiliary systems to ensure seamless operational functionality.

Machine Maintenance

Machine maintenance encompasses a variety of actions to guarantee machinery's proper functioning, reliability, and durability. This includes routine inspections, cleaning, part replacements, troubleshooting, safety checks, and upgrades.

Transformer Oil Purification and Maintenance

From concept to completion, our transformer treatment services use the latest technology and techniques to deliver exceptional results. Transformer treatment purifies the oil insulation with specialized equipment, reducing harmful contaminants like particles and air. This extends the transformer's lifespan and improves durability.

Cooling Services

Consistent maintenance for your cooling system ensures the convenience of your business operations. Cooling equipment services encompass a range of tasks, including repair, installation, and maintenance, such as condenser fin cleaning, dryer filter replacement, refrigerant replenishment, and electrical current measurement.

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